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Data is the 21st century’s new raw material. The availability of data is the key to the identification of economic opportunities and policy decision-making. Without a strong program aligned to promote reuse of open government data, the data itself will have little value. Our Company has a record of successful engagements with municipal, state and national governments to fundamentally change the way government interacts with their citizens. This interaction centers on the concept of “data as infrastructure” or data as a strategic asset that belongs to citizens as well as the private sector. All of Our Company's services and strategies are aimed at providing measurable business outcomes aligning to an open data strategy. Our Company Solution Engineers work with government executive teams, departments, agencies and ministries to map out open data strategies that create value and provide a path to citizen engagement and collaboration. Our Company is built on enabling collaboration between government and civil society.

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Research Triangle, North Carolina, USA

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Privately Held

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2 employees


Open Data, Data Management, Master Data Management, Data Analytics and Data Governance

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