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Jason M. Hare Speaking in Montreal 2017

Jason M. Hare Speaking at the Metropolis Conference in Montreal, 2017.

About Jason Hare

My most recent work has been developing Open Data programs for the City and County of Durham and for the Town of Chapel Hill

I became a charter founder of the Open Data Institute Node for North Carolina in 2013. In the same year I became an Open Government Partnership (OGP) Delegate. I have guest-blogged on the OGP website and am an Open Data Moderator for OpenSourceWay, the RedHat Open Source Blog. I served on the Open Data Working Group for the US OGP Civil Society Delegation. I regularly consulted with the Open Knowledge Foundation to help craft Ireland’s OGP submission and spent several years working on the ground with Irish Civil Society. 

I earned my BS in Applied Anthropology, Summa Cum Laude, at Washington State University and attended graduate studies in Cognitive and Applied Archaeology at Simon Fraser University. My specialty is pre-literate communications and technology. I am a recipient of several academic awards and scholarships. I served as a Department of Defense Scholar and did my postgraduate internship in GIS and Archaeology at Battle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Hanford Cultural Resource Laboratory. After Hanford I worked under a grant from the Center for Prehistoric Studies, Capo di Ponte on UNESCO projects in Brescia, Italy. In 1994 I co-authored papers and a book on the prehistory of  the Quinghai Province in China. From 1991 until 1996 I was involved in geospatial analysis of data relating to environmental carrying capacity and human response to environmental stress. I have authored papers on symbolism and adaptation in the post-Holocene world on both the Columbia and Qinghai Plateaus.

My Open Data projects span the Western and Northern Hemispheres: Town of Chapel Hill; Durham City and County; Durham Public Schools; City of Raleigh; Ireland’s Ministry of Reform, Colombia’s Ministry of Information and Communications, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

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